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Proper Preparation

I am Tavares Edwards. Some of the things I've been doing during this pandemic is working out and staying healthy. Reason being stamina, making sure I can come back to Kidz Express to play and run around with the youth. They're going to have a lot of energy. However to prepare I've been watching my siblings while my mother is at work. I've really just been helping out around the house however I can. Also I've been sharpening my financial skill set by saving my money. I want to sharpen my academic skills, I feel as though the work isn't as challenging as it is in school. I'm confident that it will be better when I get back to school in the fall hopefully. My plan for the summer is doing my best to enjoy it passing that energy along to the kids I mentor. I just want to make sure I'm ready, willing, and able to assist my community in anyway possible.

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