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Moms Love & Basketball

My name is Willie Anderson, I am a sophomore at Orr High school. I was playing AAU one year in the summer. All the players had to pay for a slot on the team in order to get their shoes and travel. I waited thinking I had enough time to pay the fee, so I let a couple of weeks go by. One day at practice the coaches announced that we were traveling out of town the next day. In order to go we had to pay our fee. This was around the time bills were due, I called my mom and told her what was going on. She was upset with me for procrastinating then proceeded to hang up the phone. Now, I’m thinking well I can’t go out of town to play in the tournament I was mad. When practice was over my mama came in and she gave coach the money. My mama didn't even have to do that, but she did it out of the kindness in her heart. She knew how much basketball meant to me, and to me she means so much more. I love my mother infinitely I am grateful to have a loving parent that supports my dreams.

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