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Making Lemonade with Lemons

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hello Everyone my name is Thalia and I am currently a senior at North Lawndale College Prep. I'm working and trying to keep my grades up. I'm currently working more than one job and it is very dull and stressful. During this quarantine I plan to save up and purchase a car. I’m currently working on obtaining my license. Hopefully I’ll have it sooner rather than later. College is literally around the corner so I’ve been doing virtual tours, while also keeping in contact with counselors in the event that I have any questions or concerns. After the school year I plan on enjoying my summer. I know that college will bring new and exciting experiences but I also realize that this is my last summer with many of my high school friends. I am really family oriented and my sisters mean so much to me. I'm afraid of going away and being without them. So in turn I will attend a community college near by until I’m ready to be on my own . I am interested in Mortuary Science as a major. Don’t ask why, it's just something I'v always been fascinating with. I feel as though I'm ready to kick down the doors and accomplish all the challenges that are coming my way. Mentally and physically I have been preparing myself for this journey. Make sure you'll stay safe, wash your hands and know that we are all in this together. #KX

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