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Family Matters

I am Trevon Sanders. During this pandemic I’ve been spending quality time with my family. We’ve been going out to Barbecues and other family gatherings to keep ourselves busy. What I’ve personally been doing through this time is becoming a better me without the influence of social media. I’ve been learning how to adapt to a none internet environment. A skill set I’ve sharpened is communication. I’ve seen how most parents and kids don’t have a good relationship so I decided to talk to my father more. Since we don’t converse on a daily basis I felt this was the perfect opportunity. Being a senior, knowing college promotes independence I’ve tried doing a lot of stuff on my own for the past year to prepare. I’ve been buying my own clothes shoes etc. I’ve made sure I had a ride, taken the bus and pay my own phone bill. My plans for college will be to major in civil engineering and continue my dream of playing football. My goal in life is to be successful to the point where my family and the lady in my life can sit back and relax.

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