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Christian on a mission

As a senior, these last few months of high school will be difficult for me. I'm aware that I have some big decisions to make moving forward. I have been thinking for a long time now about what my future plans are. College, trade school and the workforce are my options as of now and I’m most likely going into the workforce. My goal during that time is to become the best worker I can be. I will become a career man and fulfill my needs and wants. I chose workforce over college after doing much research. I don’t have to go to college for a lot of these careers and I didn’t want to be in debt like most students or adults in the world. I’m going to take the cheaper route and invest in myself. I’m going to work hard and apply myself. In doing so I will reach greater heights. Challenges will arise but I'm prepared for everything. My goal while working is to become a top staffer of my company, like VP, CEO. I just want a big happy family and a nice house and to take care of my parents. If I decide to go to college I will attend NEIU and study engineering but until further notice I'm putting my commitment into the workforce.

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