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Strategic Vision

Our 9-Year Strategic Plan

Our program is designed for incremental growth based upon our funding, and our Strategic Plan reflects this alignment

Goal 1: Grow

Kidz Express will grow our program to 150+ children and youth, including the employment of 50+ youth, from our neighborhood in our current location. 

Goal 2: Expand

Kidz Express intends to open a second site in a neighborhood near our current one in 2021. By then, we will be serving 175+ participants in our current facility and employing 50 youth from the neighborhood. We will begin operation in a new facility with 25 participants and 5 mentors. This number will grow over the next three years to match the number of participants and employees in our current site. We will be able to serve 350 to 400 hundred at-risk children and youth and employ 80 – 85-part time youth in our neighborhood during the nine-year budgeted funding period. Kidz Express will become one of the largest employers in South Austin focusing on employing youth from our community.

Goal 3: Partner

Kidz Express will become a Community Development Anchor in our neighborhoods by developing comprehensive programs that utilizes Community Development Partnerships to strengthen family economic security and enhance child and youth development.

Goal 4: Extend

Our strategy will encompass strategic investments, capacity building and innovative partnerships to develop integrated programs for youth and families including:

  • Providing GED classes

  • Developing workforce development and training programs to help employ family members

  • Computer training and internet access for the neighborhood

  • Partnering with health care providers to provide health care and register participants and families for Medicaid to ensure healthy child development

  • Providing access to affordable housing

  • Partnering with Legal Aid to assist in the application process for TANF and SNAP programs

  • Creating community development partnerships to more effectively provide supports and services throughout our neighborhood.

Our Strategic Vision: About Us
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