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5221 W Congress Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60644, USA

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Kidz Express

Helping children and youth growing up in a difficult urban environment make better decisions



Our Roots

Operating from our Center at 5221 South Congress Pkwy, Kidz Express provides Kidz with a safe place to learn and grow. Our staff, most of whom are Kidz Express alumni now enrolled in college, provide a nurturing environment where our Kidz see the actual positive outcomes from making good choices in life.



Making A Difference


After School Programs

Learn, Relate, and Play

We provide 38 weeks of after school programming, including tutoring and academic support, computer classes, health and wellness, conflict resolution, and plenty of time for play!

Cross Age Peer Mentoring Program

Youth Become Leaders

We hire mentors who grew up in the same neighborhood as our participants and successfully overcome many of the same issues and challenges our participants face.

Summer Programming

Continuing the Momentum

Kidz Express offers a summer program for children ages 5 through 14 that allows us to continue to provide our integrated service programs during the summer.


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