After School Program

The centerpiece of our programming is our after school program. Kidz Express after school program operates from September to June during the CPS school year. One of the primary objectives of our comprehensive strategy is to increase the academic performance of children participating in our programs. Every day during our after school program the first hour is devoted to academics including homework and tutoring. Participation in academics is non- negotiable.

The integration of academics with our other activities is designed to positively impact children's growth, development, and learning. Our balanced program offers children free time as well as a wide variety of structured activities that are fun and interactive and that help them develop or enhance leadership and social skills, self-esteem, conflict resolution abilities, academic skills, and interest and hobbies. Many after school programs are single issue programs that concentrate on one issue: education, athletics, nutrition, computers, vocations, college, or juvenile justice. Our goal is to provide multiple services to meet as many needs as possible for our participants. As the children in the programs grow, our integrated services address issues in age appropriate ways for separate age groups: 5-6, 7-10, 11-14 and 15+. These services are provided through our after school programs, and include: computer training, athletics, academic and homework support, tutoring; special interest clubs; organized programmed activities; supervised free time; health and fitness activities; healthy meals; and youth leadership development.

This comprehensive approach has shown positive results in academic performance, attendance and social behavior. Kidz Express uses our participants' quarterly report cards and progress reports to measure the progress of our participants. We track the grades of our participants and compare their performance to previous grading periods.


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