Some of Our Kidz

A bit about some of the children and young adults in our programs:

Elaine Florence (16), Shymeka Branch (15), Rochell Campbell (15), and Natoia Campbell (14) started in Kidz Express over ten years ago. All four girls have grown up in our program and have become junior mentors in our job training and employment program.

Tarayvan Polk discovered that she had failed the second grade. Instead of repeating the second grade, she chose to attend summer school with the hopes of moving on to the third grade. Kidz Express worked with her all summer and she passed with flying colors: all As and Bs. And in the third grade Tarayvan made us proud by making the Honor Roll!!

Carnell McCoy, a senior at Michelle Clark High School, made the National Honor Society.

Third grader Serenity Branch has been a straight-A student for the past two years.

Tiffany White started in Kidz Express ten years ago and recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.


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